Many people look for help when they experience any pain or discomfort in the body. They also struggle with various relationships such as family, kids, friends, coworkers, parents etc. We confidently suggest this session. Tailored to each individuals needs. This treatment is hard to put into words, but if you can imagine, a combination Acupressure, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Reflexology and Trigger Point Therapy. One client said “It was like experiencing acupuncture, chiropractic and psychology along with guided imagery, breathing techniques and meditation. Now you are starting to understand why this is so powerful. 

This therapy starts from releasing muscle tension because all body discomfort comes from muscle tension. Even a heart attack is caused by muscle tension around the heart.  This very special session will give you hope, now that you are in control of your health, along with your new-found knowledge and a sense of deep relaxation.

This treatment is well worth it.

$135 (1 hour)

$155 At your home (1 hour)

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In 1996 Sun began her inner journey and gained knowledge about meditation and Yoga from a Buddhist Monk at a temple in the mountains of South Korea. She and the monk practiced Yoga and meditation at dawn every day. She then trained in Therapeutic Massage, Tai Chi and Qi-Gong, before moving to America in 2000. In Manhattan Sun had the good fortune to meet Sri Dharma Mitra and found that his teachings were in line with what she has learned throughout her life. She began to train extensively with Sri Dharma through Life of A Yogi Teacher Training, Master Yoga Classes and other workshops. In 2016 after meeting with Great Mentor (Jin Jung), she finally understood what is the meaning of “Who am I”. This is the question she was yearning for her entire life. Using her vast knowledge, she treats neck, shoulder, back, knee pain and so on. There is a simple reason for this and there is usually an easy solution to alleviate this pain. Her approach is to allow everyone to learn how to heal and recover their health and to study together to brighten up their energy. Together with her years of experience in massage, her incredible Yoga or Tai Chi Classes, her tremendous personality and beautiful smile make Sun a joy to be with.