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Sun represents something very precious in life, it gives hope while your soul brightens

Tao is the way toward truth

The goal of STS is to train ourselves to become powerful and enlightened human beings. Our society is changing rapidly and through STS programs we can all remain happy and healthy as we grow ourselves to face any challenges that come our way. With reflective study to strengthen our inner power we shall raise up society together and reach true happiness and fulfillment.

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Jungbub Talk

Great Mentor Jin Jung

Click the YouTube link on the bottom of video to go to Jungbub Talk Channel to watch lectures (English Subtitles).

Throughout his talks you may come across some unfamiliar words, including:

Jungbub Dictionary


a person who brightens the world as they live for others.


The period from The Big Bang to 2012 – Human development reached 70% of our potential. 


The period from 2013 and beyond. A new paradigm in which previously unknown laws of Great Nature are revealed to us so that we can develop the remaining 30%.




The law of Great Nature 


People who are persuing the same goal in life as they help each other increase the mass of their soul.

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Currently  being offered at Adult Medical Day Care Centers, Independent & Assisted  Living  and Dementia Care Facilities throughout the NJ, NY and PA areas.