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Sun represents something very precious in life, it gives hope while your soul brightens

Tao is the way toward truth

Sun Halpin

 In 1996 Sun began her inner journey and gained knowledge about meditation and Yoga from a Buddhist Monk at a temple in the mountains of South Korea. She and the monk practiced Yoga and meditation at dawn every day. She then trained in Therapeutic Massage, Tai Chi and Chi-Gong, before moving to America in 2000. In Manhattan Sun met Sri Dharma Mittra. She began to train extensively with Sri Dharma through Life of A Yogi Teacher Training, Master Yoga Classes and other workshops. In 2016 after meeting with Great Mentor (Jin Jung), she finally understood what the meaning of “True Health and Life Fulfillment” is. These are the questions she was yearning for her entire life. She teaches and uses her vast knowledge to treat lower back pain, knee issues, neck problems, shoulder pain, and so on. There is a simple reason for these ailments and there is usually an easy solution to alleviate this pain. Her approach is to allow everyone to learn how to heal and recover their health and to study together to brighten up their energy. Her 20 plus years of experience in massage, her incredible Yoga, Tai Chi Classes and Life Wisdom Workshops her tremendous personality and beautiful smile make Sun a joy to be with.   

David "Tao" Halpin

 David “Tao” Halpin began Martial Arts in 1985, while pursuing his quest for the truth about health, life and well-being. In 1997, searching how to recover from an injury he came across a Yoga center in Maryland, where he practiced and began to study about Yoga and Tai Chi. He recovered fully quite quickly and from there he became a Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor. He received Yoga certifications through various teacher training’s. Tao has a unique quality to make Yoga accessible to anyone and to bring the benefits of health and vitality to all. He has worked with a wide variety of people with varying levels of physical abilities and health conditions. His methods are innovative, enjoyable and highly effective and have become the mainstay for many clients who practice diligently as they continue to enrich their life. Since arriving in New Jersey in 1997, Tao has been invited to area gyms, schools and community centers to teach Yoga and Tai Chi to everyone from Kindergarten to seniors. He has also given Tai Chi demonstrations and lectures about natural wellness throughout the community. He is currently offering Life Wisdom Workshop throughout the area to further support the growth of our community.    

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