Life Wisdom Education



The essence of this workshop is to provide each Yoga practitioner with great knowledge of high virtue. Through this workshop you will upgrade every aspect of your life and go deeper into your Yoga practice. Along with beginner to advanced Hatha Raja Yoga Asana and Posture Correction Training, we will also explore and gain life strengthening knowledge relevant for our growth in this contemporary society. 

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Life Wisdom Education w/ Hatha Raja Asana

Sunday Oct 6th - 3:45-5:45pm 


Another way to perform Yoga poses based on mountain pose (Tadasana) which will create the ideal foundation for a healthy body. Yet, not adding stiffness through strict alignment rules while feeling the freedom and full expression of the body.

Focus on the foundation of our Asana poses, discourse and practice on Ahimsa, Pranayama & Meditation, Q & A, homework. (2 hours)


Life Wisdom Education w/ Posture Makes Perfect 

   Sunday Oct 20th - 3:45-5:45pm   



Practitioners will deeply understand the principles of proper body structure. Learn what incorrect posture is and how it affects the body and promotes poor physical and mental health and how to avoid and correct our frame.

Mini class, followed by partner Holistic Healing Massage Education, Q & A, homework. (2 hours)


Life Wisdom Education w/ Taoist Energy & Vibration Training

  Sunday Nov 3rd - 3:45-5:45pm  



Taoist Energy Training – Understanding how our emotions and energy shapes the world around us. Along with exercises and postures to accumulate and circulate energy.

Vibration Training – 30 minute guided continuous free style movement followed by deep relaxation, Q & A, homework. (2 hours)